Full disclosure: I grumped through the last couple of days, feeling slammed by my new role. I stormed about furiously counting all the people’s needs I now have to put before my own. My mind had started up its litany of “You can’t do your exercise now because you need to look after Maia, make … Read moreTransition


All the school teachers I ever had taught me not to use ‘suddenly’ in creative writing. It is just too Iame apparently, too well worn to cause readers much surprise. But it really feels like a stonking great big SUDDENLY just plonked it’s ass down into our collective narrative. And as our lives enter this … Read moreEvolution


Struggling for exercise motivation? Its easy! All you need is to have a chronic illness! Ah yes, motivation. The stuff is like gold isn’t it? Oh to have a huge motivation hoard to dive into and swim around in like Scrooge McDuck! To be motivated is to feel the satisfaction of making progress, to feel … Read moreMotivation


Like a lot of people who live with chronic conditions, I have often used fighting analogies to describe where I stand in regards to the thing that has gone wrong in my body-mind/brain (whatever…thingamebob). I talk about kicking Parkinson’s butt. I shared the above fierce photo on Instagram. It made me feel empowered. I had … Read moreFlow


Niko says to me recently, “I thought parents are supposed to be able to fix every situation.” I could have taken this like a kick in the guts, because he was literally saying that I can’t always handle things, and that I frequently fall to pieces when the volume levels get high. But he was … Read moreHope


The spaces within us are immense. Like whole worlds, universes unto themselves. Researchers and scientists seek to look inside and understand, and through a long process of doing this have been able to uncover incredible details about the inner workings of the infinitesimal within. But we can’t look inside and understand what is happening within … Read moreBalance