A day in the life

Emma and her cat Willow

I get asked ‘How’s your health?’ regularly, and I always answer some version of ‘Fine thanks!’ Which is a limited answer I’m aware, but the alternative is quite long-winded. I always feel that when people ask this question, they really mean ‘How is your Parkinson’s?’, but can’t quite bring themselves to actually say it. So … Read moreA day in the life

Lock-down Lessons

Lock-down started out stressful for me, but turned into a time of respite that I didn’t know I needed. I felt calm, life moved slower. The stressful flurry of lock-down’s beginning faded as I accepted I didn’t need to teach my kids, that they were happier exploring their own pathways. Following this acceptance I realised … Read moreLock-down Lessons


Full disclosure: I grumped through the last couple of days, feeling slammed by my new role. I stormed about furiously counting all the people’s needs I now have to put before my own. My mind had started up its litany of “You can’t do your exercise now because you need to look after Maia, make … Read moreTransition


All the school teachers I ever had taught me not to use ‘suddenly’ in creative writing. It is just too Iame apparently, too well worn to cause readers much surprise. But it really feels like a stonking great big SUDDENLY just plonked it’s ass down into our collective narrative. And as our lives enter this … Read moreEvolution


Struggling for exercise motivation? Its easy! All you need is to have a chronic illness! Ah yes, motivation. The stuff is like gold isn’t it? Oh to have a huge motivation hoard to dive into and swim around in like Scrooge McDuck! To be motivated is to feel the satisfaction of making progress, to feel … Read moreMotivation