A good poem?

for a poem to be good

it must be simple

in that you can

easily derive a meaning

from it for you.

simple not in the

sense that it’s


complex, but in

the sense that it

does not hide

itself in


(but don’t get me

wrong, i get

ecstatic over

found literary


keys to shared


good poems can

contradict themselves.

and break rules (any).

this shows the

poet is accepting

of the multifarious,

nefarious, community

that is their mind.

in-jokes are ok.

a poem does not have to rhyme. but

it needs song,

a song that many

voices may pick up

and sing, and in

so doing change

the poem, evolving it

iteratively, giving it its

own life

independent of

its birth, as

the singers

joyously caress

its rhythms like eons

of drops adding

silk to stones.

A poem flows

forth effortlessly

fluidly in one

fell swoop

messing with it,

questioning, changing,

pausing in it…

interrupts the


adds a haze,

a static.

a poem is a

gift from this

drop to the ocean of us.

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