Captains log (star-date …um? Friday?)

Yes this morning I thought it was Thursday. Maybe one day out isn’t too bad, but come on – a little early to be losing track of days isn’t it? Although maybe not given my Parky status (Luka actually said recently that it was a pity I didn’t have a pill for remembering, along with the billions of other pills I take…I thought about getting mad, but his point was solid).

On my list of things that are good about lock-down I had ‘sleep-ins’, but I am beginning to rue lazing around in bed of a morning. If I don’t get up before the smaller people and furiously kick and punch the air for a bit (translation = exercise, or rather karate practice) I tend to feel like I’m a bit behind the eight-ball and it quickly gets harder to fit it in as the morning wears on and this can morph into being anxious all day about having a chance to let off some steam. Breath!

Had the surreal experience of watching a video by Maia’s daycare teacher Maddie dancing to ‘Stayin’ Alive’ and washing her hands. Maddie has a strong ‘pick the music for the moment’ game.

I also went and did our weekly grocery shop. Everything was in good supply, except there is still no flour. The roads were so empty on the way there I felt like Bruno Lawrence in ‘A Quiet Earth’. At the beginning I felt calm and it was good to be able to shop in peace, without the rush of humanity bustling around. But then I got grumpy at the end, when an older gentleman didn’t wait for me to move all my groceries into my trolley (the supermarket have stopped packing your groceries, and the checkout operator had stacked some of the stuff I was buying by the eftpos machine). This dude was supposed to wait behind a blue line about two meters away until I had finished and moved away, but he hustled in, right next to me, and gestured to my potatoes as if they needed to move along now, chop chop. Suddenly I was hustling to get the flock out of there, due to the old guy who obviously hadn’t got the message about staying in his bubble!

Speaking of which, bubbles are having a resurgence of cool. Not just in the common parlance, but as an activity as well! Retro.

We’re forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air

Meanwhile, the cats are busy with a really long game of hide and seek…

Stay tuned for further updates.

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