Full disclosure: I grumped through the last couple of days, feeling slammed by my new role. I stormed about furiously counting all the people’s needs I now have to put before my own. My mind had started up its litany of “You can’t do your exercise now because you need to look after Maia, make sure the boys do some school work and not spend 24-hours-straight gaming. You won’t be able to work. You can’t practice karate. There is no time for your needs anymore.” I don’t know why my mind defaults to this, or why I listened to it for a bit, but it sure stressed me out.

Then I escaped for 20 mins to the area by our back fence where we have a view of a farm and its rabbit inhabitants. I mean there are also geese, pukeko, wild bands of roaming turkey, stoats/weasels/ferrets. But yeah, it’s mostly rabbits. Lots of rabbits. I did some karate practice there, and watched rabbits. And my soul was soothed.

We’ve found some ways of enabling us both to work. They’re called “YouTube”, “Disney”, and “Tablet”. Also “Nap”.

Rabbits are even dominating YouTube.

Now that I have remembered that my system needs exercise to survive, I will make sure I get it done! And actually getting some work done also calmed my nerves. So hopefully my transition-to-a-new-normal freak out is over. Using this blog as a diary of these strange times is also helping. I will write again soon.

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